Exceptional Proficiency

A unique opportunity to pursue your passions
Developing an exceptional talent takes concentrated focus, discipline, and time — lots and lots of time. Foxcroft’s Exceptional Proficiency (EP) Program enables a student with demonstrated talent and passion to spend time away from boarding school to train, compete, and pursue her personal dream, while receiving the academic support to fulfill our high educational standards.

How It Works

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  • Eligible Students

    Students who possess exceptional skills and abilities and who are working with a master teacher or professional trainer may submit a request to the EP Program Committee and, if approved, miss some school obligations in order to pursue their chosen discipline.
    • Time missed can range from a single training session to a three-month stay in Florida to ride during the winter.
    • Participation is contingent upon a student being, and remaining, in good academic standing.
  • Approval Process

    The approval process includes a:
    • Review of the student’s academic record
    • Parent request letter
    • Letter from the trainer or master teacher acknowledging that the student’s academics come first
    • Signed contract from the student agreeing to be responsible for her academic work
  • Academic Support

    During absences, girls continue their studies at the boarding school and maintain contact with their teachers. For short absences, a student is responsible for informing teachers of her absences and making arrangements to complete any work that is missed. For longer absences, the EP Program Coordinator works with the student to make sure proper academic support is in place.
  • Program History

    In 1991, Alison Firestone Robitaille ’95 was a rising equestrian star on the show jumping circuit and a Foxcroft student. The Exceptional Proficiency Program was created to allow her to take part in rigorous training and top-level shows in Florida during the winter while balancing her academic responsibilities. Alison was extraordinarily successful, competing in her first Grand Prix at age 16 and jumping internationally before she graduated. She’s been a star on the show jumping ever since and was inducted into Foxcroft’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2015.

    Since Alison, dancers, musicians, skaters, sport climbers, polo players, and even a doula-in-training have used the EP Program to achieve great things.

- Teddy S. ‘19

“Having the option to do my sport while attending a school where it’s not offered is amazing!”

— Wilhelmina M. ’23

“As a showjumper and member of the EP program, I spend three to four months away from school each year. I have now been away from school for one month and in all my years of prolonged absences at different schools, I have never felt more loved and looked after than I do at Foxcroft.”

— Meredith K. ’23

“Foxcroft’s EP program also allows me to miss class to pursue my dreams and helps me keep up with my work while away from school. Without the EP program, I would not have been able to spend a week racing at Winter Nationals.”

- Alison Firestone Robitaille ‘95

“Foxcroft’s EP program was instrumental in allowing me to achieve my goals sooner than I would have ever thought possible. ”

Past Participants

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  • Shea Hogan '20

  • Kenzie Green ’20

    certified emergency medical technician (EMT)
  • May Schulte '19

    ski racing
  • Teddy Segmuller ’19

    competitive swimmer
  • Rachel Brown ’18

    certified doula
  • Charlee Schulte '17

    ski racing
  • Lucy Matz '16

    equestrian (jumping)
  • Olivia Mascatello ’16

    synchronized figure skater
  • Chase Shipka ’15

    equestrian (eventing)
  • Meredith Gibson ’14

  • Cristina Firestone ’13

    equestrian (jumping)
  • Mary Motion '13

    steeplechase jockey
  • Faith Sullivan ’12

    rock climber
  • Sydney Rose-Graham '12

    synchronized figure skater
  • Annie Yeager ’11

    equestrian (eventing)
  • Jillian Chalke ’10

  • Eleanor Hellman ’10

    equestrian (jumping)
  • Kate Aldrich ’09

    equestrian (eventing)
  • Isabella Wolf ’09

    equestrian (polo)
  • Sloane Coles ’07

    equestrian (jumping)
  • Steffi Fitter ’07

    tennis player
  • Ellen McWade ’06

    ballet dancer
  • Caroline Beaghler ’03

    lyric soprano
  • Tempe Weinbach ’03

    gymnast, ballet dancer
  • Alexa Weeks Pessoa ’02

    equestrian (jumping)

News about EP Participants

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